Hey there!

I appreciate your interest for the website and the fact you're reading the About me page. Prepare for a brief history of my programming time!

The beginning

How I was introduced to the programming concepts

It all started in the 6th grade (yup! 6th!) when our class chose the Optional School Subject (CDS) to be something called "T.I.C." (Information and Communication Technology). Yeah, we were all exited because it involved PCs, and we've never used PCs at school.

At those classes, we were using a program called "Alice", a 3D animation maker (kinda) (just google it). Most of the kids disliked or even hated it, and I have to admit that most of those kids were not really acquainted with computers. We didn't really do much in those classes, as the teacher herself said that the classes are going to be just for relaxation. The half of the class who knew how to use a computer played Counter Strike on the school LAN and the other half was playing Barbie games in the browser.

But me.. I really enjoyed playing with the program. After the very first class I went home and installed the software on my machine (it was and is free). The program had a way to control objects that works like "go ahead X places" rather than "go to the place X", so it was pretty awful to control them, but I managed to! lol

The next school-year, we chose again "TIC" for our CDS and this time we used Scratch. Now this is the big deal.

Scratch is also free (and online, scratch.mit.edu ), although it was 2D. But this environment trashed away the concepts I've learnt with Alice, and I was introduced to real programming concepts. It featured pretty much what a 2D game engine should feature, 'sprites', 'scripts' and things like this. It is also unique in the way that you do not have to mess with code, you need to use 'blocks' to make 'scripts'. Imagine them as building blocks.


Then my teacher asked me if I want to try a real programming language (as I was very excited about Scratch and made some games) and gave me a C++ book to study (which I still have). I started programming really hard and made two folders full of projects (both finished, crap or unfinished), learned about googling stuff, about cppreference.com, cplusplus.com, about asking Google stuff which pointed me towards Stack Overflow and.. yeah. Then (two years later) my teacher suggested me to try C# and specifically Windows Forms, and I tried them and, yeah, here I am today.


My future plans

I usually don't plan out in the future that much, but my ultimate and ultimate dream is working at Microsoft lol

I have no other fixed goal in life other than working at Microsoft, but I really want to do what I really like to: code.

I tried many programming languages in my umm.. "career", most of which are mentioned here, among with an estimation of how good I am at them.

  • C++: pretty good
  • C#: very good (main language)
  • Java: average (I know C# so...)
  • HTML: extended; CSS: basic
  • PHP: above average
  • Minecraft command blocks: pretty good
  • Scratch: pretty good

About me (really now)

I am that kind of guy that can't focus on multiple things at once, so that's why I don't develop multiple projects in parallel or why I have a single main language. I love to have friends interested in programming who I can talk with and discuss about things, and I'm relatively sociable, although I don't go out so often. I spend most of the time on school and my freetime on the computer, doing nerdy (coding) or dumb (season 3 of The Amazing World of Gumball) stuff. I am pretty good at English as you may have noticed, despite the fact I'm from Romania.
I love coding and I'm pretty open about new stuff, even though it takes quite a push to switch things like IDEs or main programming languages. I also tend to be pretty open myself, as I just unveiled two years of my life.
While making programs I used to start with the very beginning, creating every detail and then continue, but as of recently I've tried to change my mentality towards making the outlines first and the details second, as my old one has often rendered older projects too ambitious or just plain retarded.
My code is really really tidy, or so says a friend, and I tend to put comments everywhere. I also write entire text files in comments, like change logs. I noticed that I usually focus on making the code very readable and not necessarily maintainable, a thing that I want to change.
I am widely open to feedback and I always love to hear constructive criticism about my programs. I really love to know whether people enjoy my creations or not.

Oh, and, I like dogs

Last updated August 5th, '17