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Finally, DirectoryPrankerGUI update...

It should have been released yesterday. But the fact that while making a prank Windows would not cooperate kinda delayed its release, as I had to think of another one (to reach my two-pranks-per-update target)

This update comes with two brand new pranks:

  • Hide all files
    • HIDE EVERYTHING! No, really, click a button and everything will disappear. From the current folder. And subfolders. And files. And subfiles. Except for the executable, because it is smart. Smart-ass!
  • Folder maze
    • This... this is da best. You should run this prank on your sister's project USB stick. It creates folders (number specified by you, custom names) and another 3 subfolders per folder, and places a file that you choose in a location that you choose within the subfolders. Oh, and, it's got evilness levels:
      • Evilness level 1: Light mode. Just moves the file.
      • Evilness level 2: Easy mode. Creates one file with the same name in each subfolder.
      • Evilness level 3: Medium mode. Created 10 files with the same name in each subfolder.
      • Evilness level 4: YOURE DEAD mode.Creates 100 files with the same name in each subfolder.
      • Each mode also moves the file, lol
    • This prank renames the file adding some characters in front of it (same generator as Mass-add files), and also creates files using the same method. (file name template: RNDCHRS.filename.ext)

It also features some bugfixes, most of which I don't know about.

You can check the update out at the application's associated entry in the Portfolio.

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