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Game of Life GUI - Update v1.1

This update adds: new menu items, better interface, file saving and loading.

Do you want fries with that? Because you may.

Here comes Game of Life GUI (GOL-GUI) update v1.1.


  • New menu items, including:
    • Map options > Resize tiles
      • You can now resize tiles to whatever size you want, but keep in mind that only squares are possible.
    • Map options > Select colors
      • You can now change the table colors! Select whichever color you like most, and there you have it!
    • Map options > Clear map
      • You can now clear the map with the push of a button, without needing to resize the map (which will clear it :) )
    • File > New
      • Now that I write this... Idk what this is for, there is a Clear map option.. This will basically clear the map. There is no 'open file' terminology here, so this is useless. Hmm...
    • File > Open
      • Open saved files! The file extension is .dat, and, as you may expect, you can't really edit it with Notepad. (premiere in my programming career :)) )
    • File > Save
      • Does pretty much what is says on the tin... Saves the current tile configuration to a file you choose.
  • Most menu elements now have tooltips
  • All the unnecessary arrows next to menu elements have been removed
  • The status label has its own section, separate from the menu strip
  • The version number has been changed

You can read about, view images, and download the project from its associated entry in the Portfolio.

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