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Minesweeper 1.5: SOUNDS!!


Oh sh*t you don't even KNOW through what I went through to add those LITTLE STUPID F***ING SOUNDS! System.Media, MciDotNet (a library of mine, unreleased), Alvas.Audio, MP3Decoder (NuGet), OH MY GOD

Here it is, the fifth update for the Minesweeper series. This update has THE new additions (some of them, at least).
Code changelog: Changelog1

New features:

  • A brand-new even-newer-looking MENU!
    • Use the arrow keys and enter to navigate through it
    • See the values your game is going to start with before starting
  • SOUNDS!!
    • Oh yeah baby, sounds. The .zip size got REALLY high because of them (8 KB --> 2.8 MB!!)
    • They are played in the menu and in the game
    • They may be split into another zip file to help reduce the overall size stored on the site (it is precious)
  • Bugfixes!
    • Lots. From previous versions and this version as well.
  • Progress bar!
    • Now, a progress bar is displayed under the game board, which shows you how much you've done from the map!

You can read about, view images and download the game from its associated entry in the Portfolio.

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