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I was wondering how to use Windows Forms' BackgroundWorker. I could find no uses for it. I already made an Winforms application using a BackgroundWorker, which calculated the Fibbonacci number at the place you entered in a Text box. But then.... the unexpected happened...



  • Is able to do many pranks onto the current directory, and most of them are reversible
    (as of 1.0) All of the 2 available pranks can be reverted :)
  • Completely safe, unless you rename your older sister's project folder
  • Messes only with the current directory and subdirectories


as of 1.1:

  • Mass-create files (Reversible)
  • Rename all files (Reversible)
  • Hide all files and folders (Reversible)
  • Folder maze (Unreversible!)

Known issues

  • (fixed in 1.1) The 'Rename all files' prank menu does not display all the files in the subfolders, but does all its actions on both the current directory and all subdirectories. CAUTION!


First version (1.0)

Everything else awaits for you to discover...


To be able to run this application you need .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher.

Version 1.1 (build 2): Download now! Changelog1 Changelog2 (latest) (Jul 19th, '17)
Version 1.0 (build 1): Download now! (first) (Jul 16th, '17)

Future versions (and pranks)

If you've got a brand new awesome idea for a prank, please leave your suggestion in the comments below. This also applies for bugs or anything the like.

Source code

If you would want to see the source code, please send me a Private Message (PM) stating that you want it and the reason you want it for, and I will happily send you back a copy of my whole Visual Studio project.

Development is paused

Currently I am not interested in further developing this project. I switched my resources towards another project. But, if you got a feature that you want to be implemented or just want me to release some more updated, please send me a Private Message (PM) and I will consider restarting development.

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