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As I said, nothing too exciting, but it's worth a try. It is an older project, made with SharpDevelop, and I think it is the one which I learned how to use DataGridViews (tables). Yeah, that was a very big achievement, you know.

The app is currently in Romanian. If you would want to use it and Romanian is not your language, you can send me a Private Message (PM) requesting a English version. The translations are done on request as of now, because the program has no multilanguage support.

Last update description

I found this uncompiled build of the app after I opened the project. The code changelog stated that most of the known issues were fixed, and after a quick testing I was able to partially confirm that. The version label said 'private3', but I changed it to 'public1' :)


  • The ability to classify entries as Revenue/Income or Expense
  • The ability to save or load data (although, as I remember, can be polished a bit, but it's usable!)
  • There is a special 'Calculate...' button which shows total economies for all entries, economies for one month or economies for a period of time (although the latter may have some bugs, idk if they're fixed or not, i tried)
  • You can edit or delete any entry from the list
  • Provides useful data about economies between months, and can easily be extended

Known issues

  • The selected detection system works more or less.. I might have to look into that. (Fixed in public1)
  • Possible issues with the period economies system, I remember it having some bugs (Fixed in public1)



Thanks to Vlad Truta for testing the app! More of his work can be found here.

You may need .NET Framework 4 or higher to run the application.

public1: Download now! (latest)
private2: Download now! (first)
This is not an official finished build, it's just the one I found in my folder

Source code

You can obtain the source code for the application by sending me a Private Message (PM) stating that you want it and the reason you want it, and I will send you back the entire SharpDevelop (which should run in Visual Studio) project.

Development is paused

Momentarily I have no interest in updating the application. If you want to see more updates, please leave a comment below and try to write the additional features you want to see. If you found a bug, do the same.

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