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(Training) PuzzleGUI

Not too complicated, not too simple. This is the project I've learned to and first used the Drag & Drop capabilities of Windows Forms. And, I gotta admit, the end result is pretty great.

2013 C# Competition - Items

I needed to make a 'puzzle' program, which should allow: [citing started]

  • Logging in, at user's choice, two accounts: jucator (password jucator) and administrator (password administrator)
  • From the jucator account, we can:
    • New game
    • Leaderboard (mentioned as Database throughout the program)
    • Exit
  • From the administrator account, we can:
    • Edit leaderboard
    • Exit

[end citation]


  • A modified version of the already supplied resource folder (available for download here)

Easter eggs

Because the project kinda has no point, while translating I filled it to the brim with easter eggs. There are even two in the source code, so you may want to look into that as well.

This is the reason I am not supplying any images, which could spoil your fun.

(*cough* *cough* there are easter eggs on this page *cough* also *cough*)


Thanks to Vlad Truta for helping me test the application! More of his work can be found here.

You may need .NET Framework 4 or higher to run the application.

The items and original resources can be found here (external link)(Romanian only).
The modified/customized resource files can be found here.
update 1: Download now! (first, latest and maybe last)

Source code

You can obtain the source code you can send me a Private Message (PM) where you need to specify that you want it and the reason you want it, and then I will send you back the whole Visual Studio project (not solution!)(the English version).

More puzzles?

You can make a request for more puzzles in the comments below. The puzzle adding process is extremely simple, all you need to do is create the required files and then add the folder name in the selector checkbox, in the program. You can do this yourself only if you have the source code and compile it, so that's why I need to make another version (build). If requested, I will create several new places for puzzles, where you can add your own!

Development is paused

As of now, I'm not interested in further developing this project. If you want to see new features and they're not too ambitious I may make another version, but please request it in the comments below.

Now c'mon, the sample leaderboard has an entry for 12 minutes on a 9-square puzzle. Are you kidding me?..

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