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I wanted to create something new.  I haven't programmed anything in a while, and I wanted to create something. And this came to mind. Oh my god.

So I had the whole program settled in my mind even before creating the Visual Studio project. And I started! As I usually do, I implemented some easier ways to transfer the config information between forms and added a start form, a configuration form and a game form. I also made it so that you can have multiple instances of the game running. I used some things I never used before, like Form.Hide() or .resx files for multilanguage support (for the code, for the forms the Designer is doing it for me). Oh yeah, it is multilingual. And I don't think any program here got an installer before (although I strongly feel I am wrong) so here it is, this program has. an. installer.


What you need to do is specified in the main form. If you still want to know, a random number is chosen, and you need to try and guess it. After each guess, the game tells you if the target is higher or lower that your guess. Try and guess it in as few tries as possible!


  • A start form, with instructions on how to start, the About page and the lang switch button

  • A configuration form, where you can set all the game options.

  • Customizable gameplay: Predefined range, optional predefined seed and HAX!

  • A game window with the optional hax.

Overcomplicated, episode One

I overcomplicated the concept of the game. Why?

Why not?


None. I was too lazy to actually screenshot this baby.


You will need .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher (and maybe a Windows, cough) to run this.

Global changelog: Changelog
Version v1.1: Installer ZIP (latest) (Sep 20, '17)
Version v1.0: Installer ZIP (first) (Sep 18, '17)

Source code

You can obtain the source code by sending me a Private Message (PM) stating that you want it and the reason you want it, and I will happily return the entire Visual Studio project back.


If you can and want to translate this baby into any other language. To translate, please send me a Private Message (PM) stating that you want to translate this project, and I will give you the files you need to translate. They consist of English .resx files which contain all the strings that require translation.

I recommend using ResxTranslator to translate the .resx files. You can find the project on its associated entry in GitHub.

Current languages:

  • English
  • Romanian (Romana) (by me)

Active development

This project is in active development. This means that I am actively working on it and releasing updates.

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