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I wanted to make a Minesweeper game for quite some time, but I didn't know how to properly arrange a fixed number of bombs, randomly, on the table. But then, while working on another project, I needed to shuffle a List and I found an extension which does just that. And this gave me an-- sorry, the idea for bomb placement: set first N squares to bombs, and then shuffle the map! And this is what brought the idea a Visual Studio solution.

Because it was my attempt at the game and my project and because I have power over it and because why not I added some extra things to the gameplay, to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. All of them were added because of my testing (aka playing).


  • Cannot configure the game from a menu, but rather from a file
  • Playable with only the keyboard, not the mouse (yes, I consider this a feature)
  • Displays time after game over
  • Flagging system
  • You are able to specify a seed or a number of bombs (default random and one eighth of total cells, respectively)
  • (as of 1.3) Displays a progress bar that indicates the progress through the map

Specific or non-standard features

  • Displays whole map after game over (I though why not)
  • Displays all flags placed over bombs, flags placed incorrectly and bombs with no flag in different colors after game over
  • Keeps track on-screen of total bombs and total flags
  • You cannot accidentally trigger a flagged bomb
  • You cannot trigger a bomb on first move
  • You will always uncover an empty square at first move, eliminating the frustration of uncovering a number


  • Best played with font Raster Font, size 12x16 (square-ish), Magnifier set to 200% and a Paint black background (my experience)
  • Everything else you need to know is in the program

Known issues

  • (fixed, 1.4) The seed system doesn't work for some reason and I don't know why..


First version (1.1)

version 1.2 (b5)

version 1.3 (b6)


You may need .NET Framework 4 or higher to run the game. The game language is English.

Version v1.5 build 8: Download now! Changelog1 Changelog2 (latest) (Jul 24th, '17)
Version v1.4 build 7: Download now! Changelog (Jul 14th, '17)
Version v1.3 build 6: Download now! Changelog (Jul 13th, '17)
Version v1.2 build 5: Download now! Changelog (Jul 12th, '17)
Version v1.1 build 4: Download now! (first on site) (idk date)
No older versions are available

Future versions

You can leave suggestions or let me know about bugs in the comments, below. There you can also tell me about any typos in the article. Thank you!

Source code

You can obtain the source code by sending me a Private Message (PM) requesting the source code for this project. You also need to specify why you need it for (or what are you going to do with it) and I will send you the source code (the whole Visual Studio project) back.

Happy playing!

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