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Catch the ball (Remastered)

I actually forgot the usual markup scheme I've used until now so don't blame me for differences..


This is just a remastered version of my oldest Scratch project I've ever published, and basically my first ever game.
It's not necessarily better by functionality, but it certainly is 3D so take that as an improvement.

Old Scratch project (in Romanian): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/44768910/


Well I am too lazy to take screenshots of the full screen game (YES, FULL SCREEN, my first one) so no screenshots here. Play the Scratch variant to see basically how it works.


What this game features over my old one is a title screen, and a new stage (level) system. Instead of being able to manually change the interval, it now changes depending upon your score, making the ball move faster as your score gets higher.

What I learned

In this particular project, I learned how to shoot rays from the camera relative to the mouse cursor. And that's kinda it.


You can download the ZIPped version of the project here. You do not actually require .NET, as far as I am concerned at least..

Version 1.0: Download(MediaFire) (first and last)

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